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Serving the underserved in healthcare.

Simple. Accessible. Affordable Care

Over 26 million Americans have no access to healthcare. We are here to help!

Who Do We Serve?




Self Employed

Small Business Owners

Independent Contractors

Part-Time Workers




Simple. Accessible. Affordable Care.

Legacy Healthcare Solutions is one of the disruptors in America's broken healthcare industry and wants to empower YOU with healthcare options. Our solutions give transparency and control back to YOU.

Let us help you!

Our Clients...Are the BEST!

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Educators

  • Schools

  • Construction Companies

  • Dental Offices

  • Chiropractors

  • Small Business Owners

  • Franchises

  • Associations & Co-ops

  • Hotels & Hospitality Groups

  • Marketing Companies

  • Restaurants

Deliver Care to Your Employees While Driving Savings to Your Business

Business owners:

  • Healthcare does not have to be expensive.

  • Health insurance premiums for a business does not have to dramatically increase every year.

  • Providing education to employees on how to access healthcare responsibly is possible.

  • Access to reporting and analytics is available without waiting or getting pushback from insurance carriers.


  • Doctor visits do not have to be expensive.

  • Taking time off of work can be minimized.

  • Receiving care by a physician does not have to be time consuming.

  • Exposing your family to other illnesses at urgent care can be avoided.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions for your Business

Legacy Healthcare Solutions partners with 1.800MD to give you and your employees EXCLUSIVE access to virtual healthcare, behavioral health, free prescriptions, lab discounts, wellness coaching, health concierge, and so much more. We have created a full innovative technology platform of health & wellness benefits for businesses who are uninsured or underinsured.


Virtual Healthcare


  • Fast, convenient care for employees and their dependents.

  • Successfully lowers the cost of healthcare and time off work. $0 consultation fees and available 24-7-365 with unlimited use.

  • Promotes a healthier workforce, increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

  • English/Spanish available on demand. Over 150 languages available.


Behavioral Health

  • A comprehensive program with options for immediate care.

  • Multiple plan designs available, including $0 session fees (50-minute sessions)

  • Continuity of Care; on-going session work is handled by the same therapist every visit.

  • Expert clinicians, therapists and counselors available in all 50 states - access to over 4,000 providers.


Other Add-On Options

  • Free Rx Program: Receive the most commonly prescripted telehealh medications at NO cost.

  • Wellness Coaching: Staffed with an array of nutritionists, personal trainers and life coaches to help facilitate positive behavioral changes that improve overall health.

  • Lab Discounts: Partnerships with LabCorp. and Quest Diagnostics affords 1.800MD's medical professionals' network convenient access to premier lab testing services.

  • Other options such as: Healthcare Concierge, Medical Pricing Transparency, EMR Portal, Virtual ID Wallet, Bill Negotiation

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